Best Wellness Retreat in India

people practicing yoga inside the yoga centre - Holistic Stay Eco Resort, Kannur

Nestled amidst the lush Western Ghats in northern Kerala, Holistic Eco-Resort in Kannur distinguishes itself as the best wellness retreat in India. Located near the Kerala-Karnataka border and just 45.7 km from Kannur International Airport, this tranquil sanctuary is perfect for rejuvenation. Holistic Stay stands as the only resort in Kannur certified under Green Farm Tourism by the Kerala government, highlighting its status as an affordable wellness retreat in India.

At this wellness resort in India, guests immerse themselves in a holistic experience. Our resort's Ayurvedic wellness center, open daily from 6 AM to 6 PM, is at the heart of its wellness offerings, making it a prime destination for those seeking to revitalize mind, body and spirit. The Kerala wellness retreat aspect of this resort offers an authentic experience of the region's renowned Ayurvedic treatments.

Our resort's unique features solidify its position as a top wellness destination. These include being the only Green Farm Tourism Aggregated Resort in Kannur, its unique location on the Karnataka-Kerala border, an in-house waterfall, the Ayurvedic Wellness Center, and the views of the Brahmagiri Mountains. These elements blend seamlessly to create a wellness experience unlike any other in Kerala, especially in Kannur, making it the ideal choice for hoteliers and guests seeking serene and rejuvenating experiences.

Holistic Eco-Resort is more than a resort; it's a journey towards wellness. Whether you seek a spiritual retreat or a relaxing vacation, it's the ideal destination for your next wellness getaway in India. With 9 categories of luxurious accommodations, this resort invites you to experience wellness in its most authentic and luxurious form.