The Resort in a Nutshell

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  1. Life's essentials found here : Enjoy a relaxed , holistic ambience in the embrace of nature. Tucked away in the serenity of the mountains , bond with the birds , bees , trees and animals away from the buzz of city life.

  2. A day at Holistic Eco-Resort : Relish the authentic taste of natural food grown organically , free from chemicals and pollutants. Revitalize your mind and body with wholesome food , lovingly prepared.

  3. Stay connected : Being situated in a dense forest does not deprive digital nomads of connectivity. We have high speed internet cables laid across the property to ensure guests stay connected to the world.

  4. Eco friendly accomodations : Eco friendly rooms designed with building material naturally available within the property include our Mud house and the Cave , built with river rock. The towers were erected using wood and metal frames.

  5. Dinosaur Park : A Jurassic era themed art model park adds a fun element for the benefit of younger guests.

  6. Adventure Sports for Kids and Adults : Test your agility and strength at the Commando net frame , take on the Burma bridge or Zipline across the ravine for an adrenalin rush.

  7. Private Waterfall : A delightful surprise is a hidden pathway to a waterfall carrying the pristine waters of the rainforests of Karnataka.

  8. Bon fire and Barbecue nights : Our property provides a perfect setting for Bonfire and Barbecue nights. Barbecue delicious food to the trumpeting of distant elephants or groove with friends and family to the music of your choice on our elaborate music system.

  9. Bee keeping /Apiculture : One of the oldest traditions of India is kept alive by our Bee keepers. Enjoy unadulterated fresh honey , lovingly sourced at our honey bee farm.