Single Therapy at Holistic Stay Eco Resort, Kannur


Nasal cleansing with medicated oil

RS – 2000

A nasal cleansing treatment which stimulates the nerves. It helps to relieve chronic headaches, migraines, insomnia, sinusitis, voice constraints and allergies by clearing the congestion in head, nose and throat. Cures cervical spondylosis.

Woman getting a massage


Massage with medicated navara rice tied in a muslin cloth

RS - 3000

Nourishes the skin, improves muscle tone, mobility, blood circulation and immensely beneficial for rheumatism and arthritis.


Keeping medicated ghee around the eyes

RS – 2500

Reduce dark eye circles, dry, watery and painful sensations in the eyes. Relieve eye strain and improves eye sight.

Man getting a massage
Head Massage


Application of herbal paste on head and cover with banana leaf for cooling

RS – 2500

Relieves stress, reduces body heat, promotes sound sleep, induces mental peace and useful in psoriasis management, alopecia and hair fall. Treats insomnia, depression, headache, burning sensation of eyes and dandruff.


Apply herbal paste on crown of head

RS – 2000

Localized treatment for the relief of ailments like migraine, insomnia, body heat and problems relating to ear, nose and throat.

Man giving a head massage
Man getting a massage done


Massage with medicated herbal powder

RS – 3000

Good for diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, obesity, skin care, sciatica, indigestion and sclerosis of blood vessels. Removes cellulitis, improves blood circulation, breaks the fatty deposits in the body leading to weight loss. Tones the skin and muscles.


Application of medicated, herbal paste on the affected part of the body

RS – 2000

Useful for various kinds of inflammatory conditions, arthritis, gout, skin diseases and eczema.

Man covered in a soil pack
Two men massaging a man


Pouring of medicated warm oil all over the body

RS – 3500

Tones the skin, prevents scales and wrinkles from appearing Relieves body pain & muscle spasms, promotes blood circulation & development of muscles. Relieves nervous disorders, osteoarthritis, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, disc problems, joint pains, paralytic conditions and muscle weakness.


Pouring continuous stream of medicated oil on forehead

RS – 3000

Strengthens nervous system, sense organs, reduces stress, relieves headache, migraine, fear, depression and offers sound sleep. It is an effective remedy for mental diseases, nervous disorders, insomnia, blood pressure and diseases of organs above neck.

Massage image
Herbal steam bath


RS – 2000

Improves blood circulation and gives natural glow to the skin. Eliminates toxins, improves joint mobility and invigorates the body.


RS – 2000

Achieve healthy and youthful looking skin with the pampering touch of our experienced therapists with herbal products.

Woman getting a face massage
man getting a massage in a spa


Massage & fomentation with herbal powder tied in a muslin cloth

RS – 2000

Relieves joint and muscular pain, stiffness, numbness, disc problems, arthritis and different paralytic conditions. Improves blood circulation.


Retain warm, medicated oil over low, back area.

RS – 2500

Excellent treatment for lower back problems, prolapsed disc, osteoporosis, sciatica, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, urinary tract and menstrual disorders.

Man in a spa
Fruits in a basket


RS – 2500

Relieves pain for any localised traumas and disorders.


Retain warm, medicated oil on knee joint

RS – 2500

Helps in degenerative conditions of knee joint and arthritis

knee massage
Woman getting a hair spa


RS – 3500

Relaxes the mind, reduces mental stress, relieves body heat and maintains psychological well-being. Helpful in treating sleeping disorder, stress, headache, depression, hair fall, dandruff problem, chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and diabetic related complaints. Maintains healthy vision.